My Glory Story

In a matter of two and a half years, I went from six figures to less than $300 a month in food stamps to six figures again. I Activated the Power of the P (Passion + Purpose + Profits) to become a change agent in my own life. As your Holistic Success Partner, I’ll show you how to maximize your potential.  Here’s my glory story…

After years of having it all (earning six figures, marriage, traveling the world), I found myself homeless, underemployed, and eventually divorced. In a matter of two and a half years, I went from six figures, to less than $300 a month in food stamps, to six figures again.

During my valley years, I planned for my comeback season. I stayed sharp spiritually. I became my own personal advocate when friends and family members counted me out. I pruned my inner circle and leaned on my power team. It was during those days of fasting when food stamps had run out that I gave a live speech to over 4,000 people during the Women’s March in Birmingham, AL.

It was during those days when I worked at Michael’s Craft Store for $8.15 an hour that I wrote my business plan. It was during those days when I was hungry for success that I not only got ready but stayed ready for my comeback.

I realized that success was largely about mindset. I was crazy enough to believe that I could take the last few dollars from my retirement account, fly 1,000 miles to Washington, DC, interview for a job, and get the job…within an hour of the interview. I went from food stamps to six figures in October 2017.

I did my best thinking on an empty stomach. How hungry are you for success?


Ebony Laquise is an award-winning speaker, nationally-known activist, and published writer who has reached thousands internationally helping women transform into change agents. She helps women Activate the Power of the P (Purpose + Passion + Profits) by providing 360 degree success mentoring. She was featured in Essence May 2018 issue and have shared her expertise on NPR, Pacifica Radio, and live stages.

Ebony Laquise is the CEO and Founder of Laquise Enterprises. Ebony served as the East Region Director and Ground Logistics Director for the Million Moms March in May 2015. She was chosen as a fast-track leader for the Lockheed Martin, Engineering Leadership Development Program. In addition, she is a proud graduate of the Sunnyvale Leadership Development Institute, Class of 2003.

Ebony has served as Co-Chair of the African American Mentoring and Information Network. She has also served as the Corresponding Secretary of the Tuskegee University South Bay Alumni Chapter, Parliamentarian for the National Coalition of 100 Black Women-Silicon Valley Chapter, and the Co-Chair of the Alliance of African American Community Organizations Membership Committee. She is the founder of Sisters in Synergy, an international personal development and entrepreneur support sisterhood. She served as Co-Coordinator for Women’s March on Washington – Alabama Chapter and National Chair for the Sisters in Synergy Women’s March.

Ebony was a Presidential Scholar at Tuskegee University where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science (Information Systems). She pursued a Masters in Business Information Technology at DePaul University. Her activism has been featured on Pacifica Radio, NPR and other national news outlets. Her “Why I March” essay has been officially accepted into the Sophia Smith Special Collection archive at Smith College, which is an internationally recognized repository of manuscripts, archives, photographs, periodicals and other primary sources in women’s history.

Ebony was born and raised in Alabama. She continues to be women’s rights advocate, human rights activist, anti-racism warrior, an angelic troublemaker.