7 Day Challenge – Get Laser Focused

With this 7 day challenge, we will get laser focused on the one goal we want to accomplish.  We are halfway through the year.

Are you accomplishing what you want in life?

How are you doing on those New Year resolutions you made in January?

Let’s get laser focused!  Today is the first day of the rest of your life and there is no better time to start than RIGHT NOW!

Are you ready?

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Before getting started:

  1. Add a reminder to your phone.  Check your email everyday.  This is when and how you will receive your daily challenge.
  2. Think about the one goal you want to work towards in the next year.  We’ll spend all week getting laser focused on that goal.
  3. Click here to download your FREE Get Laser Focused Workbook.

There is no coincidence you are seeing this challenge.  This is your season!  This is your time!  Let’s get laser focused and accomplish that goal!


Day 1 of 7: Name It

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