My Glory Story

My glory story.  I did my best thinking on an empty stomach.

After years of having it all (earning six figures, marriage, traveling the world), I found myself homeless, underemployed, and eventually divorced. In a matter of two and a half years, I went from six figures, to less than $300 a month in food stamps, to six figures again.

During my valley years, I planned for my comeback season. I stayed sharp spiritually. I became my own personal advocate when friends and family members counted me out. I pruned my inner circle and leaned on my power team. It was during those days of fasting when food stamps had run out that I gave a live speech to over 4,000 people during the Women’s March in Birmingham, AL.  It was during those days when I worked at Michael’s Craft Store for $8.15 an hour that I wrote my business plan. It was during those days when I was hungry for success that I not only got ready but stayed ready for my comeback.

I realized that success was largely about mindset. I was crazy enough to believe that I could take the last few dollars from my retirement account, fly 1,000 miles to Washington, DC, interview for a job, and get the job…within an hour of the interview. I went from food stamps to six figures in October 2017.

I did my best thinking on an empty stomach. How hungry are you for success?

Accountability Partner + Personal Advocate + Professional Mentor

Have you ever thought any of the following?

– I want success but I’m not sure what to do next.

– I’m not clear on what my day-to-day success tasks look like.

– My direction changes often sometimes several times a month.

– I don’t have my plans or priorities well-documented.

– I am a jack of all trades and a master of few things.

– I feel overwhelmed, under-funded, and unsupported.

– I need a power team to support me and my goals.

– My family and friends do not support my goals.

You need a holistic success partner.

I leverage feminine power to transform women into change agents.

I Activate the Power of your P (Purpose + Passion + Profits) by providing 360 degree holistic success mentoring.

I have empowered thousands of women by:

– serving as an accountability partner

– serving as a personal advocate

– serving as a professional mentor

– helping women build a power team for success

– using a holistic approach to success with 360 degree success mentoring

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