I am Ebony Laquise.

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Accountability Partner + Personal Advocate + Professional Mentor

Have you ever thought any of the following?

- I want success but I’m not sure what to do next.
- I’m not clear on what my day-to-day success tasks look like.
- My direction changes often sometimes several times a month.
- I don’t have my plans or priorities well-documented.
- I am a jack of all trades and a master of few things.
- I feel overwhelmed, under-funded, and unsupported.
- I need a power team to support me and my goals.
- My family and friends do not support my goals.

Do you...

- have a hard time attracting your ideal client?
- want more clients but don't know how to get them?
- want to charge more money for your product or service?
- feel like you are your business and the business cannot operate without you?
- feel your social media marketing is returning little to no sales?

I will help you...

- create a targeted marketing strategy to attract your ideal client and increase brand awareness
- create multiple streams of income to increase revenue
- automate your business to reclaim your time
- develop a customized growth plan and action plan
- identify limiting beliefs and get laser focused in one-on-one laser sessions
- develop a holistic approach to success mindset
- stay accountable to your goals every single day

I am Ebony Laquise.

Activating the Power of the P (Purpose + Passion + Profits)
"My mission is helping women transform into change agents by Activating the Power of the P (Purpose + Passion + Profits)."

Why Ebony Laquise?

- I have developed, implemented, and launched a client's consulting program in 2 days.  The program was profitable within 48 hours.

- I advised a first-time political run for national office using creative financial bootstrapping.  The campaign was launched successfully and the client won votes on the ballot.

- I used my Fortune 100 experience to generate tens of thousands in revenue for clients.

- I am an award-winning speaker, nationally-known activist, and published writer who has reached thousands internationally helping women transform into change agents.

- I am an entrepreneur who has launched several businesses including a six-figure IT consulting firm, e-commerce beauty boutique, and the Ebony Laquise brand.

After working with me, you will...

- get more ideal clients command your worth then add tax using multiple streams of income

- incorporate tools to grow your team and elevate your brand

- incorporate business automation to free up your time

- identify and address limiting beliefs to overcome challenges keeping you from your greatness

- have a customized growth plan of action

- be ready to charge more money for your products and service

  • Accountability Partner | Holistic Success Mentoring | Personal Advocacy | Professional Mentoring.

  • Women's Rights Advocate | Human Rights Activist | Anti-Racism Warrior | Angelic Troublemaker

  • ebonylaquise.com/ebonyspeaks

Hear what people are saying about me. Hint...it's all good stuff.

Sisters in Synergy

Have you joined my online community Sisters in Synergy? Sisters in Synergy is a group of women and girls who have the audacity to dream of a more perfect world where we are empowered change agents. We are our sisters’ keeper who bring sisters together to create a powerful community of dreamers and doers.

This group is for you if you wish to:
– promote human rights through civic engagement,
– promote generational wealth through economic empowerment,
– promote holistic health of the mind, body and soul,
– promote cultural awareness of the African diaspora,
– promote lifetime learning, and
– promote community building through Ubuntu principles