I am Ebony Laquise.

Accountability Partner + Personal Advocate + Professional Mentor

Have you ever thought any of the following?
- I want success but I'm not sure what to do next.
- I'm not clear on what my day-to-day success tasks look like.
- My direction changes often sometimes several times a month.
- I don't have my plans or priorities well-documented.
- I am a jack of all trades and a master of few things.
- I feel overwhelmed, under-funded, and unsupported.
- I need a power team to support me and my goals.
- My family and friends do not support my goals.

You need a holistic success partner.

I leverage feminine power to transform women into change agents.
I Activate the Power of your P (Purpose + Passion + Profits) by providing 360 degree holistic success mentoring.

I have empowered thousands of women by:
- serving as an accountability partner
- serving as a personal advocate
- serving as a professional mentor
- helping women build a power team for success
- using a holistic approach to success with 360 degree success mentoring

I am Ebony Laquise.

Activating the Power of the P (Purpose + Passion + Profits)
"My mission is helping women transform into change agents by Activating the Power of your P (Purpose + Passion + Profits)."

Ebony Laquise is an award-winning speaker, nationally-known activist, and published writer who has reached thousands internationally helping women transform into change agents. She helps women Activate the Power of the P (Purpose + Passion + Profits) by providing 360 degree success mentoring. She was featured in Essence May 2018 issue and have shared her expertise on NPR, Pacifica Radio, and live stages.

Ebony Laquise is the CEO and Founder of Laquise Enterprises. Ebony served as the East Region Director and Ground Logistics Director for the Million Moms March in May 2015. She was chosen as a fast-track leader for the Lockheed Martin, Engineering Leadership Development Program. In addition, she is a proud graduate of the Sunnyvale Leadership Development Institute, Class of 2003.

Ebony has served as Co-Chair of the African American Mentoring and Information Network. She has also served as the Corresponding Secretary of the Tuskegee University South Bay Alumni Chapter, Parliamentarian for the National Coalition of 100 Black Women-Silicon Valley Chapter, and the Co-Chair of the Alliance of African American Community Organizations Membership Committee. She is the founder of Sisters in Synergy, an international personal development and entrepreneur support sisterhood. She served as Co-Coordinator for Women’s March on Washington – Alabama Chapter and National Chair for the Sisters in Synergy Women’s March.

Ebony was a Presidential Scholar at Tuskegee University where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science (Information Systems). She pursued a Masters in Business Information Technology at DePaul University. Her activism has been featured on Pacifica Radio, NPR and other national news outlets. Her “Why I March” essay has been officially accepted into the Sophia Smith Special Collection archive at Smith College, which is an internationally recognized repository of manuscripts, archives, photographs, periodicals and other primary sources in women's history.

Ebony was born and raised in Alabama. She continues to be women's rights advocate, human rights activist, anti-racism warrior, an angelic troublemaker.

  • Accountability Partner. Holistic Success Mentoring. Personal Advocacy. Professional Mentoring.

  • Women's Rights Advocate. Human Rights Activist. Anti-Racism Warrior. Angelic Troublemaker.

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Sisters in Synergy

Have you joined my online community Sisters in Synergy? Sisters in Synergy is a group of women and girls who have the audacity to dream of a more perfect world where we are empowered change agents. We are our sisters’ keeper who bring sisters together to create a powerful community of dreamers and doers.

This group is for you if you wish to:
– promote human rights through civic engagement,
– promote generational wealth through economic empowerment,
– promote holistic health of the mind, body and soul,
– promote cultural awareness of the African diaspora,
– promote lifetime learning, and
– promote community building through Ubuntu principles